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Summa Money: What Does It Mean?

At Summa Money, our aim is to delight our readers with world class content. Our financial skills were honed at a multi-billion dollar hedge fund after graduating an Ivy League University.

So where does the word Summa come from? We get asked that a lot. The top of the class at University is awarded a Summa Cum Laude distinction and, inspired by such excellence, we aim to provide best in class financial analysis to you. Hence, we are Summa Money.

Who We Are

Here at Summa Money, our goal is to make our readers wealthier. 

We believe every dollar invested intelligently today will compound over time. To grow wealth, we focus on high quality businesses with top class management. We look for companies with wide moats that can stand the test of time, in up and down markets.

We apply the old Jesse Livermore philosophy that “the money is made in the sitting” – meaning trade less, invest more. 

As you will see in our numerous content pieces weekly, our investment philosophies have been time-tested by the most successful investors of all time.

What We Do

At Summa Money, we provide world class content to our audience at no cost.

We publish a bunch of insightful articles each week to help our readers build their portfolios, find compelling stock ideas, and discover new companies that have the potential to change the world.

If you find our partner offers interesting, we would be grateful if you support them – that enables us to deliver valuable content to you.